Minutes 25.5 Joint Meeting

Nice meeting in the garden with Michael, Colin and Andres 🙂 start:11:00 – end:15:00

I showed my results about the significance level + TG_MIN_EXAMPLES and give an small overview about my results with noise.
Michael told me to focus on my goal for the thesis(“Reuse of Knowledge”). Time keeps running and I have to focus on the important parts
and may skip a few “fine tunings”. And I should come up with charts instead of tables.

I present my “Thesis Plan” and explained why the plan has changed that much.
In the beginning I thought I would have to implement a fixed algorithm and come up with new version(“Reuse”) and benchmark those on a few environments. The problem that occur is that the algorithm isn’t explained in such detail, that it was just a “re-implementation”.
Many detail-questions rises during the implementation such that I had to test a lot of variations. In addition there was no fixed set of parameters and non of the existing once has been tested/evaluated yet.

I guess this is no bad development of the thesis. It is just a small shift of the major goal. When I will finish my fine tuning results and also come up with a reasonable version of “Reuse”, the essence of my thesis is analyzing and explaining TLS in more detail + a benchmarking of three different versions of TLS.

My future planning is:
– finish my already started fine tuning results
– start/develop/finish the “Reuse” version of TLS
– writing thesis
– benchmark “deletion”, “perfect recall” and “resuse”

We also talked about noise and how to apply it to an environment.
Michael wants noise on the reward instead of noise on the action because with noise on rewards you still know the optimum.
The calculation of the optimum for noise on the action is not that easy and has to be done for each level of noise * for all environments.
Instead of the “modolu” operation that I have chosen, we should use a normal distribution with a “sigma” equal to the noise level.
Reward = reward( action + N(0,sigma) )

– Andreas will check if there is a problem with the defense date 25.7.

– We are aiming to hand in
draft version: 29.6
final version: 13.7

– Michael will be absent for the next 3 weeks ( till 18.6 ) -> 2 weeks for meetings and corrections of chapters (approximately 2 corrections)

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